Вы задумывались о проблемах, вызываемых низкими температурами?

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Откройте линию зимнего ухода Allegrini

First colds put every day at risk operators in the carwash industry that have to work in critical conditions, low temperatures cause malfunctions to the cars, often reducing their performance and causing unpleasant downtime. All these issues arising from the arrival of the winter season, however, can be easily overcome by careful selection of the most suitable products. The Allegrini experience in the car world, where it operates since 1945, has allowed it to create a range of products specifically for the winter season, which allows you to address all the needs and problems related to the season, with maximum effectiveness, optimizing time and costs. Allegrini has thought to collect for you a selection of products, which are essential to ensure your customers performance always at the top!

• TEKNODIESEL: Innovative additive for diesel fuel can solve all the problems related to biodiesel and low temperatures.

• DIESEL OK: antifreeze Diesel fuel additive can solve the problems related to low temperatures.

• MIGNON -26, -35-70: anti-freeze windscreen cleaner.

• X7 -35 and X7 -20: Permanent liquid for sealed circuits.

• PULICERCHI -18: detergent for alloy wheels with freezing point to -18 °.

 ALL NO ICE: Blend anti-freezing highly effective for outdoor floors.

 VIA SPRAY: Spray for quick start-up of motor vehicle engines.

• NO BRIN SPRAY : defroster spray for car windows.

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